Michael Ridgway

  • Ridgway Method Certified Educator
  • B.Phty, M.Phty-Titled APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
  • Principal Physiotherapist at Youngify-Where Neuroscience Meets Physiotherapy

"I love what I do!
It's an amazing experience to have a client look at me in surprise and say;
'How did you do that?!' or,
'I've had that pain for years and in only a few sessions it's now gone' and,

to have pracittioners genuinely thank me for helping their careers.
These types of comments are my daily work life.  No wonder I love it!"


Specialty Masters Qualified Physiotherapist

  • Founder of the Ridgway Institute International - Educating Physiotherapists throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Award winning Titled APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Michael Ridgway is the Younigfy-Where Neuroscience Meets Physiotherapy practice principal and the winner of the 2007 APA Professional Excellence Award for contribution to the promotion of the profession.

He graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor degree in 1995 and completed his masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy in 2000. Michael specialises in spinal related conditions.

Michael's post-graduate teaching has spanned from 2001-present:

  • Ridgway Method Training - 6 month program and mutli-year certification program
  • University of Queensland Physiotherapy Sports Masters Course - Rowing Biomechanics
  • University of Queensland Human Movement Studies Course - Optimal Collaberation Between Health Professionals
  • Muscluloskeletal Physiotherapy Australia - Vertebral Artery Safety within Manual Therapy

Michael’s Special Interests

  • Leading the Physiotherapy industry with new and advanced methods for injury treatment, prevention and education.
  • With a special interest in the areas of:
  • Applying the latest neuroscience to musculoskeletal problem solving system - Taught to physiotherapists throughout Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan
  • Nerve irritation diagnosis and treatment - advanced techniques and concepts
  • Rowing - Athletes and coaches
  • The Fitness Industry - Therapists and their clients

Michael thrives on solving complex spinal related conditions, including many clients that have been to multiple practitioners and had been told there was no solution to their problem. It is not commonly known that dysfunctions in any body part can lead to pain and injury other body parts even when there is no apparent problem at the site of the underlying cause. It is Michael’s forte to solve these tricky and not-so-obvious types of conditions.

Michael is also the developer and lectured for the sports masters’ physiotherapy course at the University of Queensland for rowing biomechanics and lectured for other professionals such as GP registrars (at CSQTC), UQ Human Movements course and Southbank/Sunshine Tafes Diploma of Fitness courses.    

  • The Ridgway Method - is a highly successful system designed to find the underlying cause of musculoskeletal conditions. Diagnosing a problem is a good start, however finding the underlying cause that led to the diagnosis is the secret to a rapid and long lasting recovery!  Michael has created and improved the formula for the Ridgway Method over many years, proving its great success on many hundreds of clients.  The Ridgway Method is now taught to select physiotherapists throughout Australia and New Zealand.  All Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners have demonstrated in live-client exams their skills with following the Ridgway Method.
  • The BRace - a product of Rowergo International.  This ergonomic device prevents back pain and improves performance in rowing machine users.  As seen on ABC TV program The New Inventors.

Michael’s Background

Michael is an ex-elite rower and double gold medalist at the Australian National University Championships, in 1992 and 1993, in the University of Queensland’s 1st VIII and trained with the Queensland’s 1st VIII State Squad with Olympic rowers.  Michael’s combined passion for rowing and his specialty in spinal physiotherapy has allowed Michael to thrive at developing advanced techniques and methods to rapidly solve even the most stubborn problems that rowers face. His focus on performance enhancement has delighted many rowers and coaches from novice to international levels.

Presently Michael competes in cycling criterion events and enjoys road riding as a recreational sport.

Michael's dedication to his sport is replicated in his dedication to his professional development and promotion of development of the physiotherapy profession.

Michael’s master’s research included proving that deep neck stability muscle activation decreases tenderness in neck-headache joints. This has contributed to a large body of research that has helped the musculoskeletal world provide evidence based muscle activation exercises for neck pain clients:

2001 Congram, M. A., Jull, G. A., Vicenzino, B.G.T., Vegter, N. L., Ridgway, M. and Fleming, H. M. (2001). Initial mechanical hypoalgesic effect in cervicogenic headache patients following therapeutic exercises. In: , Integrating Approaches. 1st International Conference on Movement Disorders, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh, (). 21-23 September, 2001.



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